The Self Reliance Expo was held in Mesquite TX on Friday & Saturday March 23rd 24th 2018…… Attending the event was TADSAW Dallas area Trainers Pamela Griffin and Joan Maund. Looking forward to the Self Reliance Expo 2019!!!!

   On the 50th Anniversary of the historic Battle of Khe Sanh, Vietnam, which began on January 21st 1968, TADSAW INC paid tribute to all of the American Troops involved when the TADSAW Public Access Temperament Test (PATT) was given  on Tuesday January 24th to Two Vietnam Veterans, One Marine and One Army, by their […]

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Laying at my masters side, I am ready for this night, For as you lay there sleeping, I keep you in my sight. Your sheets are soaked with sweat, The battle rage on, I gently wake you with a nudge, The nightmare now has gone. Morning sun comes up again, I am ready for this […]

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If you have been told by any of your VA Health Care Providers that they are no longer able to recommend or “prescribe’” or complete any paperwork for you to apply for a Service Dog – WRONG!!!!!! . We all know about VAIQ#7717966 – Clinical Protocol for Service Dogs for Veterans with Mental Health Disorders in […]

Today the Twenty-second of the month is the day to “Remember Your Battle Buddy” and to reach out and “Call & Check on your Buddy” !!! Although it should be remembered everyday of every month, this date is especially important since it is the constant reminder of the TWENTY-TWO Veteran suicides daily. WE all need […]

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