TADSAW Program

Find out how the TADSAW Program Works. What does it mean to have a service dog?

Make a Difference

How can you make a difference in a Veterans life?

The Journey

Every Veteran has a different journey of how they got to a place of pain and despair, but there is hope with a service dog.

PTSD Fights ptsd

PTSD is not the whole picture. Learn more about PTSD vs ptsd.

Here and Now

How has “Man’s Best Friend” helped us over the years?

Just Doing My Job

Etiquette 101 : Learn how to treat a service dog and their handler.

TADSAW - A Better Way

Penny tells us how TADSAW trains medical alert service dogs a better way.

The Nose Knows

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell. They can sense a change before humans can.


Can you tell the difference between a companion dog and a service dog? It’s not always obvious.

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A Soldier's Memoir [Music Video]

Song and music video by Joe Bachman about PTSD. Watch this powerful video and listen to the words.

Service Dogs Heal Troops

UMTV: See service dogs in action and learn the impact they make in a warriors life.

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