BREAKING NEWS!!!! FLASH!!! August 31, 2017

If you have been told by any of your VA Health Care Providers that they are no longer able to recommend or “prescribe'” or complete any paperwork for you to apply for a Service Dog – WRONG!!!!!! .

We all know about VAIQ#7717966 – Clinical Protocol for Service Dogs for Veterans with Mental Health Disorders in support of a Mobility Service Dogs for Veterans with mobility limitations, not being able to “leave your home and go out into the community’.

TADSAW INC has a direct line to a Senior Advisor to Secretary Shulkin of the Department of Veterans Affairs, to report such conduct.   What does this mean???

Like I have said – No Need to argue or get upset at the VA Employees – just get their name, Federal ID number (if possible), clinic name and address (City, State)  –  THEN email the information and your name to me….. Like I have said before “taking names and kicking butt!!!!”

This information will go to Secretary Shulkin’s office , and as you know, the VA is taking a hard look at their employees NOT taking care of business!!!

EMAIL to :

This is about you, the Veteran, starting to take control of your life and treatment options.. This is the first
step towards the rest of your life…

This applies to any and all Veterans applying for a Service Dog from any Service Dog organization.

Ductus Exemplo !!!!!!!
TADSAW INC*  – ** Illegitimi Non Carborundum ** !!!!!

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