Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention & TADSAW

Since July 2010, TADSAW has processed over 17,000 applications! Each of these interactions is a suicide intervention that we don’t take lightly. They represent a commitment to saving lives and fostering mental health awareness. It underscores the importance of open conversations surrounding mental health, the need for accessible resources, and the power of human connection in preventing tragedy. As we reflect on the significance of these 17,000 interventions, we acknowledge the collective responsibility to continue building a society that prioritizes mental well-being and provides a safety net for those in need.

Suicide Interventions 

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July 2010 – Present [2023]


We have officially graduated over 1450 medical service dog teams, saving over 2800 lives…the veteran AND the dog!

PTSD Fights ptsd

Vietnam War 50th Commemoration

TADSAW INC has always supported the Vietnam Veteran in their training of a Medical Alert Service Dog Team since the beginning in July 2010!! The reason is that while the troops were fighting in the foreign country, Bart was in college and the U.S. Army Reserves. These service members were protecting the rights of American citizens to follow the First Amendment and because of this, TADSAW made the commitment to honor those Vietnam Veterans in need and bring them back home with the addition of a Service Dog.

To date, May 17th 2023, TADSAW has 158 Vietnam Veteran Medical Alert Service Dog Teams throughout the Country. TADSAW is proud of these 147 Male Veterans and 11 Female Veterans that selected TADSAW to assist in the Service Dog needs.

TADSAW challenges other Service Dog organizations to honor the Vietnam Veteran by providing Service Dogs to them, without a 2 to 5-year wait, because these Vietnam Veterans are not getting younger!

Once again, TADSAW thanks the Vietnam Veteran, and all other Veterans, for the honor and privilege of serving and providing the Medical Alert Service Dog training program.

WELCOME HOME – it’s been a long time coming!

For any information or an application please contact Program Director, BART SHERWOOD, at 210-643-2901 or

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