Colonel Tribute


November 27th 2021, The COLONEL crossed ‘the Rainbow Bridge’ to join with “Kelsy’ another TADSAW Therapy Dog. Together Kelsy and The Colonel brought joy to many at different facilities and at the Brooke Army Medical Center Radiation Oncology office. COLONEL served TADSAW INC as the Ambassador of the Train a Dog – Save a Warrior program, showing all that a disability did not mean INABILITY!! Three-legged and with a huge smile – he greeted one and all, young and old, enlisted and officers – even a 3-Star kneeled down to have a photo taken!! The COLONEL inspired Veterans to have a Service Dog, and over 1200++ Teams are part of his legacy to mankind. The COLONEL can rest peacefully knowing his work continues as new Service Dog Teams become accredited, even the newest one in The Netherlands.
He was my partner for 11+ years, joining TADSAW in August 2011.
The COLONEL will be greatly missed by everyone, including Sarge & Chief – part of the home team pack.

Luv ya COLONEL…..

If you want to make a Donation In Memory of THE COLONEL – to support the training of Medical Alert Service Dog Teams – it would be greatly appreciated.

The Colonel Legacy

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