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With all the articles about “FAKE” Service Dogs being put out there, it seems that finally somebody got it RIGHT!!! Thank You Winfield College for recognizing Disabled persons have a true need for a Service Dog. That is what the wording in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 2010 states, in big bold black type print.

In-training Service Dogs are assistance dogs to say the least. They are handled by volunteers and/or dog trainers BUT not by the person with the disability.  The ‘Train a Dog – Save a Warrior” (TADSAW) might be one of the few Service Dog training organizations that believes in training the person to be the dog trainer/ handler under the supervision of a full-time Dog Trainer.

The TADSAW Service Dog begins the job as an “In-training Service Dog” and after the period of time of obedience and task training, and socialization and public access work, the program culminates with the Service Dog Team taking the TADSAW Public Access Temperament Test.   When the Team passes the PATT, the Service Dog now is considered a “Service Dog In-training’ for the rest of its working life!!!!

TADSAW believes “All Service Dogs are assistance dogs BUT Not All assistance dogs are Service Dogs!!!!! Why??? Because a Service Dog is defined by the ADA guidelines as a Dog that provides a task which improves the  Quality of Life for an individual, who has medical needs for such a dog. A Service Dog is not required by a group to provide training for other individuals. Thus, the Assistance Dogs International (ADI) accredited organizations are perpetrating the idea of “FAKE Service Dogs”!!!! Talk about the dog biting you in the axx !!!! As the saying goes “Karma’s a Bitch, especially when it turns and bites you!!!”

Winfield College has accepted the responsibility of it’s decision, and TADSAW INC stands next to them in support. Vindication on the TADSAW training philosophy “Together you train to hone your skills and BOND as a Team” will stand the strength of time.  The program restores the self-esteem, the self-trust and the self-confidence to the Veterans which has been displaced by Military Induced Anxiety Depression Syndrome (MIADS), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Military Sexual Trauma (MST) and/or Traumatic Braun Injury (TBI).

Thank You Winfield College!!! TADSAW INC & Bart

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