Praise For The Organization

Meet Some Of the TADSAW Teams

I train dogs for TADSAW – Train a Dog Save A Warrior!!! This is the most rewarding job I have ever had. I have trained service dogs in the past and for many different purposes but to do it for such a noble cause has brought tears to my eyes more than once!! Yes I am a man and YES I CRY!!!

Allen Groomer

Praise for the Organization

Hello Bart. I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH! Without this program I would still be a recluse and shut in. You have allowed me to go out into public, with Lola, once again. We went to the mall, by ourselves, it was a challenge and it took me about 3 hours just to talk myself into going, but we went. Baby steps. Lola now wakes me when I have nightmares by jumping on the bed and licking my face, she is my 85# emergency button. She, Lola, is making great progress with Leah’s training. Once again, thank you thank you thank you! Many hugs and sloppy kisses (from Lola).
– Colleen Kiefer

Bart: My donation is a pittance compared with what you are doing. One of my patients with whom I have been working for over a year came into my office at the VA Hospital in Temple Monday.

For obvious reasons, I can’t give any details. But I was stunned at how much better he was. He was serene, almost placid. He the proceeded to tell me about his new dog and the incredible change she has wrought in his life and she hasn’t even been thru the training course with him yet. She has EVEN changed the behavior of his other dogs all of whom are older than she is.

He called someone in your organization and got your website and I made the donation the next morning. I have asked him to bring her in at the next visit with permission of your trainer.
If there is a way I could help you beyond money, please let me know. This is not to say that I won’t also continue to contribute $$.

V/R: Jack Shale.

Dear Patsy,

Can you let me know if Pockets of Peace are still available.

We have a small group that visits the PTSD unit each month at the VAMC Northport. The residents have been restricted to the unit for several months and moral is very low. We try to cheer them up with a different activity each month and share some snacks. I had a winner this time with Left-Right-Center, a fun dice game.

I gave out Pockets of Peace while we were saying good bye to the six young guys playing with us. There was a young Marine who is really having a difficult time adjusting. He took the book, began reading, said “Wow!” and sat back down at the table. I said my goodbyes to the staff and turned to see them all back at the table engrossed in their books. I am so grateful to you for writing Pockets of Peace and giving me the opportunity to to leave our heroes words of encouragement and support.

Warmest Regards,

Ro Fegreus
Soldiers’ Angels
VAVS Representative
“May No Soldier Be Forgotten”

Tug is the one that has given me confidence to rejoin society…he’s always there to remind me that no matter what the world says I have to keep fighting for him. More importantly, that I CAN.


Thank-you TADSAW for healing my brothers in arms. I can’t think of any better way of treating PTSD. You guys are saving life’s. I hope you guys continue the great work you’ve done already.


As a former active duty Marine, your site made me cry for all the wonderful teams you have given new lives to, and I pray for all the Warriors and companions you are going to answer prayers for in the future. What a wonderful organization.


There aren’t many causes I actually want to spend my own money on, but this one is it. You can save two souls at once.


If you missed the last meeting, you missed a great presentation by our two speakers. They represent the non-profit organization: Train a Dog Save a Warrior. (TADSAW). They brought Kelsey and Colonel. (Colonel is actually a Lt. Colonel. He doesn’t’ have all his papers in order). The speakers told us about how TADSAW was initiated and how it helps our guys that are coming home with PTSD. The dogs are trained to fit the needs of our warriors on an individual basis.

Bart Sherwood, TADSAW’s Program Director, told us some of the reasons for getting PTSD and many of us can relate to this. When we joined, a rifle was given to us and the buddies we got were there to cover our back. Then when we got released. They took our rifle away and we lost the buddies that we depended on. When we got home, we were not the same, the war changed us. We became “strangers” in our own home. In a way this is PTSD.

The dogs trained by TADSAW make it easy for the soldier to adjust to society and return back to the home he/she left.

TADSAW is doing a great job in providing dogs to our fellow warriors.
If you know of someone who might be suffering with PTSD make sure you contact Bart Sherwood at (210) 643-2901 . He will be happy to assist you.

Remember wounds you don’t see are ten times greater than the wounds you see.

Luis Hernandez
Jewish Community Center
Jewish War Veterans
Post 753


I received the application packet. Thank you so much for being part of an organization that not only helps the warriors that feel like they are imprisoned, but to the wonderful animals that are imprisoned. I look forward to not only saving my life and making it better, but saving my battle buddy’s life and making their life happy and better as well. Your organization is so compassionate and understanding. All of you should go to bed at night knowing you are making the lives of the warriors and K9s throughout the States more comfortable, and letting us know that this battle that we face when we get home, doesn’t need to be done alone anymore. I’m crying as I write this to you. For far too long I have endured the emptiness and solitude after coming home from deployments, and I’m forever grateful to all of you that are making this possible, and I look forward to meeting my battle buddy, knowing that we saved their life and that they no longer have to fear and worry about a lifetime of solitude, or worse. My words cannot express how forever grateful I am for individuals such as you and Patsy and the countless others that are making this happen. I promise you all, I will not let this gratitude go unnoticed, and I will give all that I have to making our lives as normal and happy as possible!

Heartfelt Thanks,


How does a Vet go about adopting a warrior? I know there are dogs but they too are warriors..and I refer to them as such…I feel like I’m at the end of my rope, and it’s so hard for me to reach out for help cause it’s been engrained in us since basic that you “suck it up and drive on”. Many of my family and loved ones are worried for me, and I try to soldier on, but it’s getting harder, sleep is getting less, I can’t tell yesterday apart from today, and I don’t have the finances at this time to adopt. Can you offer any suggestions that may help??

I want to thank you from the very bottom of my heart for not only saving the lives of the soldiers, but the dogs as well. This world would not have as many shining moments if it were not for those lovely warriors who do nothing but live to love.

Deepest Thanks,

Christopher H
82nd Airborne Div Veteran

God bless all our warriors and Tadsaw. It is a blessing working with such wonderful people.

Eunice Merced

It’s a shame when someone wants to badmouth an organization that helps Veterans with PTSD, especially to Veterans WITH PTSD. That’s like writing your own suicide note. Not a good idea.

Phillip R.

Every facebook post of yours that I read touches my heart!! So thankful that our Wounded Warriors have TADSAW & their Battle Buddies!!! Love those TADSAW service dogs & their warriors!!! God bless them all and all of you at TADSAW!!

Deb Barnes

My Grandpa was one of the first men to land on Normandy Beach. I can only imagine the pain! TADSAW! You are a blessing. Any way that I can help, please, let me know.



Thank you for the updates and awesome stories. TADSAW has an extraordinary support network and staff.

Thank you & Patsy for all that you do!

Fuzzy Manning – Alternative Specialist, Radio Show Host, Author, Speaker, & Founder/CEO of PTS Treatment & R.E.S.P.O.N.D. Warrior Reintegration
PTS Treatment – Offering Integrative Trauma Care
“When your life matters, we listen!”
R.E.S.P.O.N.D. Warrior Reintegration – Offering Re-Entry Survival Teams
“Your re-entry into civilian life matters!”

Great work pushing forward and overcoming unseen barriers that effect the mission needs. I am proud of everything all of you have done and are doing to bring a moment of stillness to warriors who come home still shaken from combat. I know the economy is hard on the donation effort and we are all feeling the effects “including myself”. This will be a make or break year for the program and test most of your leadership and tact. Please continue to hold on to the forward motion the program has taken and allow God to handle the unseen.

Mitch Court
Shrewsburry, PA

Bart and the Team,
Great work pushing forward and overcoming unseen barriers that effect the mission needs. I am proud of everything all of you have done and are doing to bring a moment of stillness to warriors who come home still shaken from combat. I know the economy is hard on the donation effort and we are all feeling the effects “including myself”. This will be a make or break year for the program and test most of your leadership and tact. Please continue to hold on to the forward motion the program has taken and allow God to handle the unseen.

Mitch Court
Shrewsburry, PA

Thank you for talking with James on Friday. He intently listened to you and silently cried. He has never felt hope until now. We are so blessed because of TADSAW! With that said, I would like to offer help to you and your organization. I don’t have a lot of money but I have a great network with Travis Air Force Base. Anyway, I am not sure that this Base is aware of your service as I have never heard. Can I do anything to service you and your organization? If I am able I will. It’s the least I can do since James feels so renewed with hope. Thank you, again. I can’t tell you how much this means to me.

God Bless,

Bart and the Team,
Thanks for your prompt responses and questions. The request for $5000 has been approved by the Majority vote.

I want to highlight a couple of things to ensure that everyone knows how impactful this will be locally and how we can really break through barriers for our Wounded Warriors in order to gain support for this tremendous program nationally.

Our donation will help our local (FLW) Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) provide training and certification for service dogs for 3 Wounded Warriors.

I have spoken to Susan Hinkle, who spends time at the WTU with Wounded Warriors every week, she assured me that this donation will be used for our local FLW/Missouri Soldiers.

Thanks again for your quick responses. I will also ask them to come to our July meeting to showcase the program to our Membership and to periodically provide status updates for our Warriors.


Rick Morris
Director of Operations
Fort Wood Hotels by Ehrhardt Properties
Award Winning Hotels!

Thank you for your service, and thank you TADSAW for doing amazing things. You guys are motivating!

Corrine S.

Bart and the Team,
I hope you can rest your head down at night and know that you do make this world a more humane and habitable place to be with all the good work that you and your organization do.


All the best to Wounded Warrior and Charlie as they begin their training! Prayers for all the TADSAW Warriors & their service dogs! May you find the peace & comfort you seek! Prayers of gratitude for your service to our country & for the incredible people at TADSAW!!!

Deb Barnes

To help another Veteran is no greater feeling in the world. To see the changes that the Veteran goes thru with every step of the TADSAW program is amazing. Words cannot describe the witnessing of these changes, you have to see it for yourself. TADSAW needs everyone’s help.

Like I said, and let me clarify, once you get involved with TADSAW, it changes you too. Your attitude on life changes and TADSAW becomes, “What I am” not what I do or where I volunteer.

Phillip Ruddock

There is so much that needs to be said for others to understand that ultimately we are not weak, we are simply misunderstood. not long ago a vet from our area went into subway and killed some people, he had PTSD. I was left …wondering, where has our country’s patriotism gone? Why didn’t he get the help he needed? I hear all the time people “say” they want to help – but then there seems very little if any follow-up. When I was in the women’s center at Palo Alto for PTSD I spent the ENTIRE time trying to convince them that I was not lying and then was discharged against medical advise. We don’t need shrinks, we need mercy, and acceptance, and understanding. obviously my situation is markedly different from the man who opened fire. However, in principle it all seems the same to me. We walk around with the combat experience alive and well in our hearts and sometimes I think that if people could see what goes on in my head they would run away screaming. We all have our traumas in life, but it seems that if we know that someone or something, a dog, will love us anyway we have a better chance of some sort of “normalcy”. I think it is time for everyone who enjoys their freedoms that this country offers to start giving real recognition to those who actively fight for it. We are not asking for worship, just kindhearted understanding.


Thank you so much for your prompt response!! I enjoyed our conversation, you also have a gift for helping calm and reassure folks so you must be a perfect fit for this program.

I am VERY excited and glad that Nala can at least be considered for the program. She is already always by my side (except out in town, which will change with this program!) she even goes out to “smoke” with me sitting right by my side while I finish this nasty habit!! Lol…She sleeps with me making sure she is always touching me which helps with reassurance even though I am up and down all night she never gets aggravated with me. She will go potty on command already and I joke that my kiddoes were not that easy to potty train. I also read about eye contact and I have never had a dog that holds my eye contact like her…. She seems to already be very in tune with me. Hopefully she will work out.

I can also say Thank you for helping our Veteran’s…. you also help the families which are the forgotten casualties…. I know all in my household are affected because of my wierdisms!! Very noble of you to recognize this.


I am newly inspired. I don’t need another counselor, or another professional telling me how to deal with what I’ve already been dealing with. what I, and countless others need is love no matter what. We can talk, and reveal, and share, and unload, and disclose……. but the fact of the matter is that until we see that we are loved in spite of what we have endured, everything else is irreverent. I am brought to tears that someone is finally seeing that something so simple as a dog could offer such profound comfort as to lead vets in a way that life itself becomes bearable again. I am just one. however I so strongly see the value in this. Ultimately, a vet thinks that we are fighting for the everyday safety for the average American to go to the store, get gas, lead normal lives, and when we come back from fighting for that and we can not ascertain those simple pleasures for ourselves, I am left wondering why? If the presence of a dog helps us with that then really who should be opposed? And why aren’t more helping? I will be doing my very best to spread the word about this organization and what it is doing. I am so personally thankful. I am so looking forward to working with you, and doing whatever I can to help.


Bart — Stephanie and I were honored to meet both you and the Colonel today. Such a wonderful message for our wounded warriors! Thanks for all you and your organization do for our wounded Soldiers.

And please pass this message along to the Colonel!

Lieutenant General, US Army
Senior Commander
Fort Sam Houston and Camp Bullis, TX

What a awesome job Tadsaw is doing, my son just revived his dog (Lone Star) and she has been a blessing to his life.

Thank you, Kathy S.


Organizations and Foundations like yours gives me such encouragement that when these men (boys) come home they have help if need be. My family is such a huge dog lover that your work in particular is just so important and helping so many who are in real need. So, thank you again for all you do.

Sorry, I got so long winded. I’m sure you have more important to things to do. But, just wanted to share with you the fact that your work is so appreciated.


I was placing dogs with my friends with problems. I’m a 100% disabled vet with PTSD and my dog did wonders for me. I worked at the VA outpatient clinic after the military. Helping Veterans and Animals are my passion. I researched other programs, several asked me to join. I even came close to joining one but they were doing it for the wrong reasons. They didn’t treat the veterans right. They are from Georgia and told me I did not know what was going on in my area. I’m in touch with almost everything going on here about veterans. You have to know your information and be organized. TADSAW is the best at both of those. TADSAW doesn’t act like they are trying to hide anything. You have a great program. I pride myself on my word and my morals. I don’t have to sacrifice them with TADSAW. You will find that I will promote TADSAW 110% of my time.

Phillip Ruddock~TADSAW Trainer

The organization stands strong because of you. Nothing else matters.

Wounded Warrior

Jeanae wrote about TADSAW TRAIN A DOG SAVE A WARRIOR on Facebook: More words of wisdom from Patsy Swendson whom I should start calling Yoda! Always speaks the truth and I always learn and grow.

I just wanted to thank Bart for taking the time this morning to answer all my questions thoroughly about training rescue dogs. Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services, trade-name Veteran Rescue appreciates Train a Dog ~ Save a Warrior (TADSAW) support.

Christi Hubbard

Bart, We appreciate your honesty and courageous leadership over the last few weeks. We are truly proud of our partnership and look forward to many years of us working together to fulfill your mission. Thank you for allowing us to come into your family.

All the best,

Yuri Alvarado
General Manager
Staybridge Suites

Thank you so much for being you and all that you do for us. It really takes such an amazing person to do what you do. I can’t forget about your team as well. You all are all amazing. Again thank you for all you guys do.



We the American people thank your organization for supporting our Troops!


I am possibly having one of the worst days since my return from Iraq. I learned today that two of my friends, warriors, brothers committed suicide. I have absorbed myself in my hobby and my music, with my wonderful TADSAW dog at my feet. She has spent the day licking my leg and laying under my desk. I am coping, I just cant help to wonder if there was something more I could have done for them. I am thankful for getting to know you guys and I love ya’ll with all my heart. I am sad about being retired from the Army and leaving so many great friends, but I want ya’ll to know that you have left an ever lasting impression on me and my family. Thank you guys for having this vision and thank you for letting US be a part of it.

Hey Patsy and Bart,

Well to start off I miss you both. I feel long over due for a visit and miss you both.

Kingsley and I are doing well. He has improved and really learned me well. We make quite a team. He can look at me and know exactly how I feel and I know what he is thinking. He assures me he misses you both and has intentions to visit.

I have needed him like crazy as of late and he has pulled me through yet another dark tunnel of life. The light seems faint but yet he never tires…he is always there waiting on me to put his vest on. Showing me he can and will always be ready to “go to work” for me. He has long days but never falters from my side. Kingsley always has enough energy to nudge my hand or wag his tail.

He has gained weight and filled out. He is really turning out to be such an amazing dog. Everything I ever needed and could have asked for… So thank you both, you truly did save a warrior by training a dog.

Hope to talk to you both,


I have a suspicion that you will never know the exact extent of good you are doing for veterans. It is immeasurable. Keep up the great work.

Mike MacDonald

I just have to say your website caused me so much pain!!! My throat hurts from holding back the tears and sobs!!! Also, my plan for the day was to mop my filthy floors. I stayed on your website so long that I have just lost my motivation to do anything except go out and pick out which dogs I want to start training!!!!! I know I am going to train Flame (Ch. JUS Too Hot to Handle) and Jelly (Ch. JUS Jammin’) and Cupcake (CH. JUS Desserts). I am going to be very busy!!!!!!!

Thank you for giving purpose to my passion for my dogs!!!! Also, my daughter is an elementary school principal and she has the largest emotionally disturbed unit in the state of Wyoming. She has permission to buy a service dog. Now I know where to send her! Again, thank you. I always say, “God takes care of children and fools” and at my age I know which of the two I am! But he has again taken care of me!!!!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for bringing Kelsie to visit me while I was in Laurel Ridge. She always put a smile on my face and lifted my spirit when I thought there was no hope. What you guys do can change someone’s feelings from within and bring joy to a person even when they thought there was nothing left.

After returning home, I wake up every morning to Max giving me hugs and remembering how much joy he brings me. I can’t wait to start working with him to becoming a PTSD dog.


Thank you for the great experience last week. What a tribute it was to see first hand the soldiers dogs and their bond with their masters. Great work and we were glad to contribute. Our team as you noticed could not get enough walking through the back dining room to check out the animals, etc. Thanks for the pictures and your work!

Rudy’s Barbeque/Leon Springs
San Antonio, TX

I can see myself back at Laurel Ridge on the smoke patio and can see the warrior bending down to pet Kelsie. I often times, when alone and vulnerable to my memory, will go back to times when the Colonel and Kelsie were there with me. The peace they brought cannot be put into words. Obviously you know this already, but you have a talent and gift with words… thank you for sharing and thank you for putting it to good use.


Thank you very much for that information. God has truly blessed you with an amazing heart. I’m forever grateful.


Hope all is well with your new year and once again I thank you for all y’all do. It is one thing to advertise good deeds. It is another to to come through and make them happen. So many programs are a get-in-line on the list. There has to be order. But sometimes the target is lost in the actions sought. Once again thanks.


I can’t exaggerate enough what a pleasure it has been meeting you and spending time with your dogs. I wish I could keep one all day and let it sleep at my side or foot of the bed at night.

Wounded Warrior H.

Well, my wife left yesterday for her deployment. It’s now up to Baloo my service dog and his training from Train A Dog Save A Warrior (TADSAW) to keep me going strong. Thank-You for everything you have done Patsy Swendson, Bart Sherwood and Allen Groomer. You guys have such kind hearts and do such an outstanding job for the Wounded Warriors. I’m very thankful for what you have done for me!


God bless you guys…tears of joy are running down my cheeks just knowing you are there.

Elizabeth Murray-Kolb

Guadalupe County Attorney

What an honor to meet Colonel, a former Tripawds Rescue dog who’s now helping returning veterans with PTSD.

Rene Agredano

Reading your blog, I wanted to stop and call, too many tears, not enough breaths. How beautiful that The Colonel “out-ranked” him – Also recall what Rumi said, “God sleeps in the rock, stirs in the plant, dreams in the animal, and awakens in Mankind.

Because of the Captain’s book and what an inspiration he is all I can say is I am hooked, dedicated and with cause!

Carol Anne

I’m glad to help spread the word!

Jessica Belasco

San Antonio Express-News

I was napping this afternoon when Cole came home from school and he was like a little boy who just got a new truck or dinosaur to show me the article about Gunny. He went on and on how this media attention will help PFHF/TADSAW to share what amazing work is done and how much more is needed. I gave him the biggest hug and told him how proud I was of him for what he was able to contribute this summer and he said, “Mom, Gunny is who you need to be proud of. He has changed a person’s life forever.” Of course, I welled up with tears.

I am having him bring the article to school to show his Upper School Administrator who last year felt Cole was too focused on his dream of playing college basketball and didn’t expand his service enough in other areas. I think she will be pleased to see what service help (thanks to both of you) Cole was doing this summer.

Ladies, he is fired up and can’t wait to be able to get back in the trenches with you Ms. Michelle and train with Daphne as well. I hope you both understand this junior year of school is a bear, so as soon as he can come up for air from his school work/basketball season, he will be back to be one of your biggest advocates and volunteers. It warms my heart immensely to see the love he has for the special dogs involved with PFHF/TADSAW.

Can’t wait to hear all the positive feedback the article brings to the organization and you two amazing women!

Hugs to both,

I love this story……….it is just amazing the effect dogs can have on uplifting spirits and easing stress…..God bless you Patsy for doing what is in your heart and making such a difference!!!!!

Susan Warren

I train dogs for TADSAW – Train a Dog Save A Warrior!!! This is the most rewarding job I have ever had. I have trained service dogs in the past and for many different purposes but to do it for such a noble cause has brought tears to my eyes more than once!! Yes I am a man and YES I CRY!!!

Allen Groomer

I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to be able to sit and talk with you and Bart about the work you do. Kris talked to me a lot about it after we got home that night. He is truly excited about this program. Thank you both for bringing a great moment of positive feelings for him and us. This past weekend is the most time I’ve been able to talk to him in person since he has been back home. I do see evidence of the brain injury in his short term memory loss and his frustration level (although this has improved in the last 6 months or so).

I really don’t think I can find the perfect words to tell you thank you for what you do. God has picked some very special people to work through to help these wounded warriors. The world is a better place because of your endeavors.

I hope you have a great day and please keep in touch to let me know of any way I can help.


A message from the heart of Michael Williams regarding the blessing of dogs!

Nothing corny about that Patsy, I found solace and support in a Shep/Wolf mix that I adopted. She was a blessing to me and really helped with the PTSD. All animals deserve love and respect for what they bring us, especially those in service to our country and via your organization service to those of us that can truly benefit. Dogs and humans alike thrive on acceptance, love, attention, and respect.

Michael Williams

My name is Kelly F. I am currently working on the paperwork to get my husband in TADSAW. I have been reading about the work you are doing that with TADSAW and the various work Penny’s From Heaven does and it is truly amazing. It touches hearts like mine with such gratitude for offering these programs to families like ours whose husbands/wives were affected so deeply by the war.

Kelly F

Hello, My name is John C. and I am a Vietnam Veteran. I attended the job fair in Jacksonville back a couple of months ago and met Bart from TADSAW program. After, visiting with him about your great program, I through back about my some thirty years in law enforcement, In 1978 while working with the Nacogdoches Police Department I was given the job of handling my Department new narcotic K-9 (Trooper). When I returned from Vietnam, I like most of the Vietnam Veterans during those days, returned home fighting the same demons some of our young warriors are fighting today (PTSD) upon their return from war. I like most vets, used alcohol to coupe with these demons. When Trooper came into my life, my whole world changed. The demons I had been fighting for years went away and if they did started to show their ugly heads Trooper would chase them away. In 1982 my department sold Trooper to another department, about a month later the demons returned I was alone to fight them without Trooper help. That when I realized that I need a dog in my life to help drive those demon away. I did just that, from 1982 until 2001 I was never with out a K-9. I retired from law enforcement in August 2001. Keep up this great program, you are saving our young warriors from their demons.

John C

I am pleased to tell you that Penny’s From Heaven Foundation is approved and
listed at .

Mary R. Burch, Ph.D.
Director, Canine Good Citizen – AKC – American Kennel Club

I also wanted to tell you that I have been reading your inspiring and motivating new blog. I saw it posted at the end of your e-mail. It’s beyond fantastic! Thanks for writing it. It really spoke to me in a time of need. Plus, you are a talented writer too. My sister is undergoing breast cancer, and it has been a difficult journey for her recently. So, in essence, your written words were comforting to me and needed. Thanks!

Suzyn D.

You rock Penny’s from Heaven, we had a Veteran in the shop last week with a canine companion, it was awesome to talk with him and see the bond they shared. Bless your hearts for the light and love you share with these heroes.

Mary Winkler Balmes

I think you are a living example of what it means to serve our fellow men and women. Your love and concern for our veterans only reinforces the affection that my daughter and I have for the PTSD vets we work with every week.


Thank you both for all you do for our four-leggers, as well as encouraging us two-leggers as well. Cole is a walking training manual of Michelle when he comes home telling us what they did, why they did it, what they need to do better, other special training stories, etc…. He is absolutely loving every minute and I know Will feels the same way too! Michelle is absolutely an expert at her profession, yet someone you just want to hug for all she has to give. We could never thank you both enough for giving the boys an experience of a life time! You both are so special!! Do hope your 4th of July was a meaningful one?

Patty and Hank

I thank you all for your support. I appreciate what you do for us Servicemen and women. Thank you!

Robert Molina

The following quote from Kat Honaker, wife of wounded warrior Jeremiah in Tennessee, wrote this after receiving photographs of Gunny, Jeremiah’s future TADSAW Support Service Dog.

“Oh my gosh! He is absolutely beeeeeeeeautiful! I love the blue picture. His silver chain looks like my husband’s medal he wears all the time! So proud looking! My husband has just looked and looked! He said “there’s my buddy!” Oh what a wonderful story and one that will pair up to us as a family of fighters! We are so excited and I can’t believe no one wanted him and was in animal control!


We love him already and Jeremiah is already talking about him like he is here. He will email you soon as well. I had to take him to the store with me today but he is just talking away about the dog! Sooooo very appreciative and I can’t ensure we will love him as much as you do because you have had him since the beginning, but we will give him all the love we have and promise that he will be so well taken cared of. It’s not just any dog, it’s Gunny, and he is our adopted family! You have paired the two up so well its perfect!

Jeremiah is already making plans! Thank you so much. This just brought so much joy to all of us today!”


Bart has been so nice to my family and well, just treats us like we are normal people not lepers. I know you know this…but you picked the right person for the TADSAW program. It wasn’t just an application and paperwork, he dug deep to find out who we are as individuals, who we were before and has even taken the time to ask me how my children are when he calls. It’s like talking to a friend now. Speaks VOLUMES to me. You can’t get all that on an application.

Wounded Warrior Wife
Kat Honaker.

We would like to express our most sincere gratitude for your participation in the very first Military Job and Resource Fair held in Jacksonville, Texas. We hope that you were able to make connections and gain resources that will help you…if there is ever anything that we can do to help you please let us know.

I still support you …..I hope all is well and thank you for what you are doing for our service men and women and their families.


502d Mission Support Group
1206 Stanley Rd, Ste #A
Fort Sam Houston, Texas 78234

YOU are a being we all wish to inspire to dear wonderful person, that is part of the healing, know that not only do you reach them, you touch a place in our hearts too.

Mary W.B.

These Pockets of Peace, Patsy, are sometimes the only sunshine we see some days. How wonderful to be so certain of your life’s mission.


… isn’t this just an awesome organization, way to go Penny’s from Heaven, I know I’ve told you that before but it can’t be said enough, the healing you provide in the Universe and that you share the joy with us is above inspiring.

Mary Balmes

… told me about what you are doing with the Bunky the (Therapy) Buffalo, and while it made me laugh at first, you know man, whatever it takes. The simple intrinsic fact that someone cares is what it’s all about — and if you want my opinion, it’s easy in America not to care if everyone is at the mall.


You are so awesome! Thank you so much for sending this wonderful photo of Michael & Kingsley! Remarkable! It’s so amazing to know that something like this can be so powerful and helpful and full of blessing!

Yes… that is exactly why you do what you do… and I am so glad you do it… and do it so well!

Likewise, I say back to you, thank you for this gift you give to so many soldiers and doggies!

Michael’s Case manager

Patsy-while at the VAMC yesterday for the weekly graduation ceremony and our weekly visit there, a married couple, both of whom have PTSD, told me that they keep the POCKETS OF PEACE BOOK TWO close by at home, that they find comfort and solace in that book. I had also given Book Two to one of the social workers there, and she told me later that she had read the book and found comfort in the book.

That little book is one of the finest of its kind that I, and others have said, that they have read. There is comfort, good advice, and hope in that book, Patsy. Good on you for having the imagination and the skill to author that book.


Bart and Patsy and all involved in this foundation are such wonderful loving ,caring people . thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Tank you for introducing us to Luther he is a sweet dog.

God Bless You,

Myra and Sam

Mr. Sherwood,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for spending the time and effort today to talk to me about the “Train a Dog – Save a Warrior” program. It is largely because of people like yourself, that veterans from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan are getting the help they so desperately need. I was particularly impressed with your policy of talking with each and every veteran that applies to your program, insuring that his or her unique, individual needs are understood and met right from the beginning of their entry into your program. Furthermore, it demonstrates an exemplary level of personal commitment and dedication to helping veterans that have come to you for your assistance.

I sincerely hope I qualify for your “TADSAW” program and that I get the opportunity to get a dog to work with me. I will be looking forward to receiving your application package via e-mail sometime over the next few days and filling it out and returning it to you for your consideration.

Once again, thank you for the time you spent talking to me and for all the things you are doing for all veterans. It was my privilege talking to you.

Most Sincerely,


As a Marine Corps veteran, and a member of a team which serves and assists the veterans at Denver’s VA Medical Center treatment program for combat veterans with Post Trauma Stress Disorder, we provide each new veteran in the program with a copy of your Pockets of Peace Book Two. This is a beautiful written, beautifully illustrated booklet, and I highly recommend it to any veteran or a veteran’s family. I personally keep my own copy of this booklet on my coffee table, and refer to it frequently for inspiration.

Forrest (Woody) Leigh
U. S. Marine Corps

I am currently deployed in Afghanistan, and my husband and I are big supporters of animals. It’s our pleasure. Just ran into your program for the first time.

Please use your assessment as to where it (the donation) needs to go. You would know better.

Thank you goes to you and your team for thinking so much of what I feel is just as important as our Soldiers. May God bless you and all you do to support.


Thank you, for all that you do, and all that you will do for us all. 🙂 I for one, love you and care for what you do – thank you!!!!!!!!:)

Michael – Wounded Warrior
Center Point, TX

Bill is still deployed just outside Baghdad and we are hoping for him and his unit 113th 30th HBCT Bravo Battery to be home in February. Thanks for all you do. Your are a blessing to these soldiers and make the world a better place.

Thank you so much for the follow-up email on Bagger and Murphy! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to see that they are both on their way to providing invaluable therapeutic services to those in need. I would like to see the collaboration between ACS and Penny’s From Heaven increase, as our partnership not only supports the healing of human wounds but also provides a second chance for homeless dogs that, if given a chance, will dedicate their lives to loving and caring for their human family.

Animal Care Services

Patsy – every day you give even a tiny bit of time or effort to ‘your’ Soldiers, you make a difference by making it easier to survive back home. The military is very good at training civilians to become warriors, and all the tasks associated with going to combat. However, they have no clue how to train us to survive once we get home, some of us with physical wounds or at least mental issues we didn’t have before. That’s why people like you are so vital to our survival; they allow us to heal a little easier.

The Penny’s From Heaven foundation and your many wonderful volunteers have made a substantial difference in my life.

Thank you for being so selfless.


I would like to say Thank You for caring about the vets & their pain! I sincerely am thanking God that there are folks like you out there for our current batch of battered vets… there were none visibly apparent when we came home from Vietnam, but fortunately we found some later & betwixt them they helped patch a bunch of us “wounded healers” up to want to live another day.

Penny K.

Thanks for doing the work you do.


Thank you so so much! Wow, after the week I’ve had with the Dr’s, and STILL trying to figure out what’s wrong, your package TRULY MADE MY WHOLE WEEK so much better!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I can’t WAIT to start reading, “Penny’s from Heaven.”

Nicole Buehner Arbelo
Author ~ K9 Heroes

We gave out Christmas stockings a week ago to our PTSD vets at the VAMC, and included copies of Pockets of Peace Book Two. Those were a monstrous hit with the guys. We are also including copies with each brochure that we give to each new patient in the program. I like reading those Pockets of Peace from time to time. They are full of reassurance not only to our battle vets, but to me also. You may never know how you’ve touched the lives of so many.

Bless you Patsy, and continue your good work.


I LOVE IT!! You actually made me cry with that. DAMN YOU! It’s easy to tell others how you feel about your dog because it becomes repetitive but when you read your own words or the words used by others to describe those feelings its suddenly a lot more powerful. You’re an amazing woman Patsy. You might want to watch out. I may steal you away to Turkey with me! You’re doing a wonderful thing Patsy. You really are.

Nathan M. Combs

I must tell you that your Pockets of Peace are immensely popular with the PTSD guys we work with. I need to order another 50 copies.

F. Leigh
Boulder, Colorado

Thank you Ma’am, the pleasure and rewards and blessing were all ours, as we cannot do enough for these Heroes…having been a Army Ranger for 28 yrs, I have a true love our our Troops and all of us, and especially Cowboys, love what we “get to do” because of men and women who fight for our everyday freedoms. I really appreciate Shorty (bullfighter) and Chris (bull rider) for taking time out of their schedules to come see our Troops.

I agree with you and appreciate all you do. I am a 110% animal lover, bulls, dogs and especially cats. I always had a big dog growing up to roll around in the dirt with, so feel it is important…dogs are so comforting. I always say, they are glad to see you if you are gone 5 minutes or 5 days.

Rob Benton – Professional Bull Riders

“Gosh Patsy you never seize to amaze me with your beautiful words. I try so hard but every time I read your little pockets I get a lump in my throat. I should actually call them big pockets because you do so much for me and all of us at the WFSC. I love you Patsy!”

Sgt. T.O.

I apologize for the delay in my response to you, please understand, I think about all you and your dog have done for someone like me! God’s creatures are able to touch us in ways other humans can not. You are a hero and I personally appreciate all that you do! I am not as alone as I have felt with your sincere hugs! You are my Angel! I have been at some pretty deep low points and your hugs and acceptance have elevated me to a point you will never know!
Thank you for the unconditional caring you have shown me!

God Bless You,

You truly have a giving spirit. You are a great inspiration to me upon many others. Your site is quite impressionable. I have already shared it with many others; with great pride and respect.
Suzette Cerrillos

Army Nurse – BAMC

We are excited about giving the Pockets of Peace to each of our PTSD vets. That is one of the most beautiful little books I’ve ever seen. I’ve read it about 3 times myself. The thoughts, prayers, and sayings are worth the read, every day, especially for PTSD vets.

Forrest Leigh
Boulder, Colorado

Yesterday, my ‘bunker’ was quietly reading your last blog, Patsy. I always know your incredible insight and pockets of peace will bring me back to the present and grateful for that moment.


Thank you Patsy… Your vision with Penny’s From Heaven and now Train a Dog Save a Warrior is an inspiration to me and many others. Thank you for what you do. I’m glad to be working with so many Angels!

Denise Muha

It was a pleasure to have met you as well. I too enjoyed our little heart to heart and I think those are important things to have from time to time. In my passion for ‘purpose’ I sometimes struggle for what exactly was ‘your’ purpose in my life. That question seemed to come easily answered as I left on Saturday only to have an 1 hour and 45 min drive home to soak all that in. As you stated, there are ‘reasons for the seasons’ and I would have to step outside the box and say the reason for your purpose in my life is that even though I struggle with fitting in, feeling like no one else understands me, you kind of wiggled your way into my broken heart/soul and made me aware that you have the ‘passion’ to WANT to understand people like me with an open mind and an open heart.

From one heartfelt individual to another, the absolute most important gift you can give a veteran is the gift of your ears. Listening, what a powerful phenomenon that little ingredient can do to a humans life when needed the most. You posses a real knack for just offering your ear Patsy and that is to be commended and envied. Thank you for taking the time to pull me aside and allow me to just talk, I really appreciate that. I would love to whiteness the power of what Animal Therapy can do for our Vets.


Patsy, You are such a beautiful writer. You always touch me. It helps ease the pain. Thanks so much once again for sharing. It is such a wonderful way of caring and connecting.

Pam F

I really enjoyed hearing Patsy speak. What a truly amazing foundation. We are so proud to be a part of it.


I know you do a lot for the soldiers and they appreciate it. Thank you for all you do.

Janis Roznowski
Director & Founder
Operation Comfort
San Antonio, Texas

All the best – thanks again for everything you’ve done and continue to do. It means a lot to these soldiers and their families.

Kyle Fisher
Fisher Foundation – The Fisher Houses

IYou are right – we owe our warriors so, so much for all they do, and have done, for us. Thank you for your work with them.

Gloria Gilbert Stoga
Executive Director
Puppies Behind Bars

I am walking out to the mailbox in a minute with a check for $1000,00. I hope one of our wounded boys gets a (PTSD SUPPORT) dog. Have a prosperous and blessed day.


Patsy, you have such a gift! A gift of putting into words, just the right thoughts that help me stay grounded. You are so “big” in my eyes. I hope that the day we meet, I can hug you long enough that even just a small part of your gift rubs off on me. Thank you for “pockets”.

Jean M.

Patsy, what a wonderful story. I have forwarded this to Michelle, my wife, and I know that she will share it with family and friends. Thank you, Patsy.


I am so glad we had the opportunity to talk this morning 🙂 You’re an amazing person!! The work you’re doing is absolutely extraordinary and I want to be a part of it.

As soon as I get things straightened out here, I’ll be contacting you to come down for a visit. I’m more than excited about it! To be quite honest with you, I’ve been all over your website, but hadn’t looked at your specific personal page until after we spoke this morning. You are so humble for all that you’ve accomplished!! You life has been a constant testimony to the human-animal bond! The world is a better place with you in it Patsy.

Carly R.

You have a gift for helping people and your organization has great credibility in my book. Thanks for all you do.

Jerry Hardy
President, Board of Directors
Fisher House
Lackland AFB, TX

Please, please, please bring one of the Goldens to the funeral – and thank you for your wonderful tribute.


My favorite part of attending the Yellow Ribbon events is petting the dogs from Penny’s from Heaven Foundation.

SPC Scott Case

It was great to connect with you and your team at the Yellow Ribbon event in Austin on Saturday. Thank you for your time and for what you do to support the Texas Veterans!

Tim Stroud
TexVet Manager
Partners Across Texas – TexVet

I’m glad you were able to come out. We’d love to have you and your dogs come out especially your PTSD dogs. I always enjoy seeing you.
Thanks again for coming out.

Janis Roznowski
Director & Founder
Operation Comfort
San Antonio, Texas

Debby Glasser,
I just wanted to drop a note to thank you and Whopper for attending the Yellow Ribbon event in the Woodlands over the weekend. Penny’s Therapy Dogs sure lit up the briefing room and undoubtedly provided comfort to family members of deployed Airmen as well as families and Airmen in the Post Deployment stage.

Therapy dogs are of obvious benefit to those dealing with physical disabilities; but their positive impact on less observable disorders like depression and PTSD is of equal importance. Penny’s from Heaven really does it all and we are blessed to host at national guard Yellow Ribbon events. I look forward to working with you in the future:)

Ivory B. Harlow
Yellow Ribbon Support Specialist
TX ANG Camp Mabry
Austin, Texas

Wow! I just read your blog. I am speechless. I couldn’t help but come to tears as I kept reading and figured out you were talking about me. I am so happy to know I could make a difference in your day and maybe even someone else’s who is lucky enough to read your blogs. I was right when I said you are an angel.


I hope we can become a good team for “therapy” to those who “hurt”. So much hurt these days that oft times cloud the beauty of the many ways we are blessed. Thanks again for all you do.

Jean D

“Okay here is what I think. I think every soldier should have a therapy dog. There would be less need for medicine, less need for alcohol, and more compassion. It would make a difference in all of their lives. Just sitting here with Chase and Kelsie has made a difference in mine. They don’t care whether I have legs or not, they are simply peace. Many of us have lost all compassion.”

From a double amputee back from Iraq

You, your staff and your dogs are such a wonderful asset to RIOSA!

David Mork
CEO HealthSouth Rehabilitation Institute of San Antonio

Thank you very much Patsy for that great honor of being on your blogspot. You didn’t have too, but I know how big your heart is and I say again THANK YOU! You truly are a blessing to ALL American service men and women. Thanks again for your continued blessings and support.

James Rybacki and MWD Torca

I’ve read and re-read your “Pockets of Peace” book #3 – how can I get 25 copies of this publication? I have 8 grandchildren (ages 24 to 5 years) – this will be my gift to them as they move through life; it is magnificent in it’s simplicity! I will also share with my fellow members at VFW Post 8800 at Canyon Lake. THANX for your efforts on behalf of AWHGC and the multitude of others to whom you offer love and compassion.

Louise L.

My name is Sina Teofilo and I am a contractor for the Texas Army National Guard Yellow Ribbon Program and I just wanted to say that the staff and the overall program is wonderful!! The first time I saw your organization attend our event was last month in San Antonio at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The feedback that we received on our surveys was overwhelming with comments on your organization and how great you all were with the service members and their families. I just wanted to say thank you to your staff because they were friendly and very informative. I hope you all know how helpful and beneficial your program is. It is one of a kind and I hope that it continues to grow and prosper. Thank you for all that you do.

Sina Teofilo
Yellow Ribbon Support Specialist
Contractor for Army National Guard
Yellow Ribbon Support Services

Thank you for the Pockets of Peace books – very nice reading for strength. My bilateral amputation went well and I am doing well. Thank you.
Alan V.

Penny’s From Heaven Foundation are Fisher House Angels.

Julie Verschoyle
Volunteer Manager
Fisher House Inc.
Lackland AFB

Your transparent words of honesty, compassion and insight express the true meaning of what we all need to be thankful for.

Sandra G.

I loved it! It was very touching to see how the patients reacted to Kelsie and Chase. I think that the perfect example was of the man with the burns. I could see many benefits to that one interaction: occupational therapy, sense of purpose, relaxation, distraction from pain, socialization, confidence, and just plain bliss! The smile on his face was priceless! I cannot wait to get started in the program! Thanks for inviting me to visit!

Sarah R.

…Wow! I haven’t had a good cry since I’ve been in Texas, and this did it!! Thank you so much! Often I try to write about our story but struggle to find the words. You found the words for me, for us. I am deeply touched. (See Goosebumps story on Stories of Healing page) One of other greatest things that has come out of this journey of injury and healing is the many great friendships we have been able to form along the way. I count you among one of these. Thank you.
Gina H.
Army Wife

Thanks for all you do. You are truly an angel for us and all the MWD (Military Working Dog) teams deployed.
James R.

Oh how you brighten so many lives! Thank you for your friendship.

Charlotte Weiss, LTC
OIC Behavioral Health
Texas Military Forces

Well thank you for coming! We appreciate your support and we will definitely ask for your support at future events.

Nicole Higgs
Yellow Ribbon Support Specialist
Contractor for Army National Guard
Yellow Ribbon Support Services

… let me say thanks for all the great help you provided us for our story on Tuesday

Daniel Morales
KTMD-TV Telemundo

Thank you for coming to USAA to talk to our employees on your great work. I had enjoyed your presentation and Shane’s and also the company of your therapy dogs.


I don’t know if we thank YOU enough for the battles you’ve struggled through, some of them on your own, and the discouragement when things didn’t happen or didn’t happen quickly. Thanks for being a wonderful role model and always having a smile on your face. I pray that we don’t let you or the cause down as often as we may think we do. We’re inspired and thank you, most of all, for that.


Patsy, Any worthwhile organization has to have a leader who inspires her “pups” and that leader would be you! We thank you for being you!


Yes! The children here in Iraq absolutely love the stuffed animals. That would be great! It is my honor to serve you and the people of the world.

PFC Stephen L.

I can’t tell you how moving that was to me!! What a beautiful gift you have! I hope this story touches as many hearts as it did mind and inspires more people to be real. It honors Kevin so truly and so deeply. I’m proud to know you and pray you continue to bless lives with your work and your gift with words.

Love, Teresa

Patsy, I wanted to let you know how much your presentation touched me today. I am a big dog lover and have always been fascinated with therapy dogs and their ability to help people in need. Linking that with our wounded military sealed the connection for me. I left a check for your cause, but I would also like to volunteer my time. Please let me know how I can help. Yours is a great mission!


Thanks again Patsy for all you do to serve our troops, families and our nation. Thanks again – God bless you –

Russ Murphy
Composer Welcome Home Soldier, Welcome Home

My husband and I love your Pockets of Peace book for the wounded warriors. Your heart and soul are just pouring out through each page. God is going to bless for your works. Blessings,


As an unpaid volunteer coordinator for the four Fisher Houses at the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX, I have seen firsthand the immense comfort and pleasure the therapy dogs from the Penny’s From Heaven Foundation bring to the wounded service members and their families. The foundation has been serving the needs of our injured military men and women since January 2007.

These dogs seem to have a sense of who needs their ministrations and can bring a smile to the toughest wheelchair-bound Marine. Family members have told me how much the service members, who are amputees and burn survivors, eagerly look forward to the dogs’ Saturday morning visits. Children living at the Fisher Houses, who miss their own pets, benefit from being around these friendly and loving surrogates.

Who can explain the special bond these dogs forge with those so fragile in body and spirit that lets them trust again? It’s magic to watch. And, as great as the medical care is that our wounded are getting at the Army hospital, the dogs from the Penny’s From Heaven Foundation, practice their own inimitable form of TLC.

Grace Blancett
Volunteer Coordinator

Ms. Swendson,

THANK YOU so much for taking and sending the photos. I immediately forwarded them to my family and my girls loved them. My wife called me and said my six year old daughter thought the antlers were just the cutest thing ever, she was tickled to see them. THANK YOU again for what you all do for us Soldiers. We are all on the same team as Americans, and we all fight this war over there as well as you do here on the home front, which makes you all Heroes. I cannot express how happy I was to see and play with the dogs. I really, truly had a great time, and felt no pain while I was with them. I am forever in your debt for giving me that time as well as the breakfast too!! I wish the best for you and yours this holiday.

God bless and Merry Christmas Always,
Jud Mount

I just reviewed your webpage and I can see why Penny is so much help to so many. She is a great dog, you just have to love her. I can see how our soldiers think she’s from heaven. Like you, my mission is to help those heroes who are coming home with problems from the trauma of war and not have them suffer for 30 plus years like so many Vietnam Vets did.”

Tom Criser Author – The Ghost in the Orange Closet

“I can’t tell you how much yesterday meant to me. When I saw Cindy, I just about fell to me knees and wept. She KNEW I needed her and came to find me. I have no family to speak of, and my dogs are my whole life. My soul just aches to hold them and let them know how much I love them. Cindy allowed me to find a little peace with all I’ve been through.”

SSG Kimberly I.

“Thanks for bringing this charity to our soldiers and community. It is refreshing to get good news and positive information for a change. What a great contribution you are to us all!”

Denise Britt
Volunteer Warrior Family Support Center

“When she walks in a patient’s room, with one of her dogs, a peace quiets the surrounding chaos, and for a moment, everything’s alright again. As a patient, I don’t remember specifics & details, about much of anything, except Patsy’s blond hair, smiling face, soft spoken voice & my new furry friends, Penny & Gracie. They’re my first memories, when coming to my senses, from a TBI. Compassion, countless hours with patients & scared family members, words of encouragement, someone to listen & to lend a shoulder to cry upon. Patsy is an Angel who walks the trauma halls of San Antonio, with her therapy dogs, blessing families & patients in a desperate time of need. An inspirational team that could only come from the Heavens. Don’t know how we would have made it thru without them.”

Forever grateful & infinite amounts of love,
Cheri & The Basham Family

“Just recently I received three boxes of stuffed animals from your organization. These stuffed animals brought many, many smiles to the faces of the children of Iraq. When we do medical missions we give these stuffed animals to the parents to give to their children. I LOVE it when you see the smiles ear to ear. It’s funny when the children of Americans get something like that they like it for seconds, but these kids carry it around for days. It’s beautiful ! Thank you and your organization for the donation.”

Chaplain Assistant
PFC Stephen Lober

“You are doing great things for our wounded warriors and as a former soldier, I wanted to say thank you for all that you do.”

Sincerely, Mark

“It is very inspiring and motivating to hear you speak so passionately about the great calling that you have: Pet Therapy. What a blessing you are to this world; and what a blessing it was to hear you share the highlights of your Adventure with Pet Therapy. We will be Therapy Pet Prayer Partners.”

Sister Jo-Michele Sierra SSCJ
Ministry for Persons with Disabilities
Archdiocese of San Antonio

“You go above & beyond every day.”

Robin Goldman
Discovery Network


Patti Patton-Bader
Executive Director
Soldier’s Angels

“What a wonderful video – so well done. Patsy seems to be a wonderful loving woman and it makes my eyes wet to see her dog with Shane. what a connection. thanks for sharing!”

Washington D.C.

“I just watched the Discovery Network’s video and the work you are doing with therapy dogs is truly inspirational!”

Kirsten Munachen
Marketing & Development Director
Challenge Aspen
Snowmass Village, Colorado

“The work you do is remarkable!”

Sarah WilliamsVolf
Director of Programs
Challenge Aspen

“You are so incredible with your talent of expression… I am crying … you are truly the most blessed individual I have met! You have managed to put words … drawing a picture of my dear son…. it couldn’t have been said better! God Bless You Patsy!”

Cindy Parsons
Mother of wounded soldier Shane Parsons

“I am very excited for you! It’s a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness of AAT in the medical community. I have forwarded your message to all of NCTD (National Capital Therapy Dogs) and encouraged them to watch it on the Discovery Network.”

Harvey Eisen

“WONDERFUL!!!!! You are really blessed – God is watching out for you and timed this perfectly!!!”

Congratulations, Mary Bryant

Vice President Founder/Director of Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans

Young men and women from Walter Reed & Brooke Army Medical Center & Balboa Naval Hospital

“Congratulations for a job well done and being recognized for the truly remarkable work you and your precious fur babies have been and are doing for our military personnel.”

Blessings, Sandra

“I really love what you are doing. It helps the injured soldiers and there families. When I was spending time with Gracie I just forgot, for a second, how my life has changed. Thank you so much for taking your time to visit us here at the Fisher House.”

Maria (wife of a wounded warrior)

“What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing. I know that it made our hearts smile and brought a tear to our eyes 🙂 I would like to frame your story with a picture of Ryan and Gracie and proudly display it in my home with your permission. Thank you and Gracie for all you do for our soldiers–a smile in the heart is the best medicine.”

LTC Richard and Cheri Casper
Temporary Resident – Fisher House

“I’ve read nearly half your book and find it funny that we both enjoyed our “life in the media” but now find that helping others is the “real” gem in life. Authors are we!”

Tim Dirk
Author: Hi Mom, Send Sheep!
San Antonio Spurs
Former Spurs “Coyote”

“My prayers for the soldier’s successful surgery. And thanks to you for supporting our wounded soldiers. Lillie – San Antonio, TX You are performing a great duty by helping out, I wish there were more people like you out there.

SSgt Dan M.

“Just finished the book (Penny’s From Heaven: Stories of Healing). It’s clear that Penny is an unusual dog and one whose therapy activities deserved preserving. And it’s equally true to me that you weren’t just ‘the person at the other end of the leash.’ Many times, you took an active part in bringing comfort to someone who was hurting. I salute both you and Penny for your work.”

Harvey Eisen
President, National Capital Therapy Dogs
Delta Society Affiliate
Washington DC/Baltimore

“Oh, Patsy! It was worth the drive to come up and meet you and I so appreciate the gift of the autographed book. I read it last night and loved it. Boy, can I identify with some of the visits. Even when there doesn’t seem to be anything dramatic happening, it’s still the connection. It’s the most worthwhile thing I’ve ever done in my life and Payson is all I could ever have hoped she would be in the visiting situations. I was so happy when we passed with Delta two years ago that I started crying.”

Julie Sedona, AZ

“I’m so happy to hear that Penny turned 12! Wow! Please give her hugs and kisses from fans up in Indiana, and tell her that we think she is literally the most gorgeous soul we have ever seen. (It must be a delight for you just to be able to look at that gorgeous face all day long!) Thanks again and love from Indiana,”


“I just saw the segment on SA Living and I wanted to tell you how fabulous it was. Great exposure for the foundation. Gracie and Penny were awesome too! Keep up the great work, Patsy!”

Kay Counseller Record

“Our congregation and choir met about a dozen therapy dogs who took part in our ‘Patriotic Pops and Pups’ Concert in July 2007. We were so amazed and awestruck by the mission of these dogs and the folks who do such remarkable work with them with our country’s wounded heroes that we ‘adopted’ Penny’s from Heaven Foundation on the spot! Coker United Methodist has received a wonderful blessing associating with Patsy, Penny and the PFH foundation.”

Rev. Dave Collett
Minister of Music and Arts Coker United Methodist Church
San Antonio, TX

“What I learned is working with my dogs has made me closer to them, that they actually have become my partner–we look to each other for what to do, and how to do it. I love your writing. It never bores me. It inspires me. I am honored.”

Rich Schad, Boulder Colorado Delta Society

“Soldiers’ Angels would like to thank the Penny’s From Heaven Foundation who continues to show the true American spirit. From donating an amazing amount of much needed items for our Military Working Dogs deployed overseas to visiting our wounded warriors stateside, PFHF is always offering their services for our Heroes. As we prepare for the New Year, the generosity and dedication of Patsy Swendson, the PFHF volunteers and the wonderful donors give us so much hope in being able to continue providing support for our deployed troops as well as those stateside. It is well known the power and spirit of the dog is all encompassing, from combat to crisis to celebration. PFHF ensures each of our Heroes is given the chance to receive it. It is truly an honor and a blessing to have PFHF join forces with Soldiers’ Angels in this much needed mission.”

Kassie Claughton, Chairman K-9 Soldier’s Angel

“Thanks for sharing your photos! It made us all here a lot more appreciative for the jobs our troops do and made Thanksgiving a little more meaningful this year. And your work with your dogs continues to be inspiring, not only to your patients, but to all who see and hear about what you do!”

Richard A. Bellacosa, DPM San Antonio Podiatry Association

“Dear Ms. Swendson, I am writing to thank you (Penny’s From Heaven Foundation) for the large amount of toys, treats, dog goggles, dog booties and everything else. All of my Military Working Dog teams were very grateful and appreciative of your kind and generous gifts. The MWD’s also enjoyed the toys and treats. Thanks again for thinking of us. Take Care.”

William, Task Force Guardian K-9, Deployed Iraq

“YOUR group was AWESOME … and made the news too! Congratulations!!! Keep up the good work!”

Mary Bryant

Achilles Vice President Founder/Director

Achilles FREEDOM TEAM of Wounded Veterans

“I could not go to sleep as you have awakened me to serve again with passion. I so appreciate you as a person and know that you are very special. I hope I can help you further your education and spread the word with positive energy. I hope I can return the favor back to you some day.”

Michelle Boulder, Colorado

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