Service Dog Laws

Service Dog Laws

1. Public Appropriateness

  • Dog is clean, well-groomed and does not have an offensive odor.
  • Dog does not urinate or defecate in inappropriate locations.

2. Behavior

  • Dog does not solicit attention, visit or annoy any member of the general public.
  • Dog does not disrupt the normal course of business.
  • Dog does not vocalize unnecessarily, i.e. barking, growling or whining.
  • Dog shows no aggression towards people or other animals.
  • Dog does not solicit or steal food or other items from the general public.

3. Training

  • Dog is specifically trained to perform 3 or more tasks to mitigate aspects of the client’s disability.
  • Dog works calmly and quietly on harness, leash or other tether.
  • Dog is able to perform its tasks in public.
  • Dog must be able to lie quietly beside the handler without blocking aisles, doorways, etc.
  • Dog is trained to urinate and defecate on command.
  • Dog stays within 24″ of its handler at all times unless the nature of a trained task requires it to be working at a greater distance.

Places of Public Accommodation

  1. Inns, hotels, motels, or other places of lodging, except for establishments located within buildings that contain five or fewer rooms for rent or hire, and that are actually occupied by the proprietor as the proprietor’s residence;
  2. A restaurant, bar, cafeteria, lunchroom, lunch counter, soda fountain, casino, or other establishments serving food or drink, including any such facility located on the premises of any retail establishment;
  3. A gasoline station, or garage;
  4. A motion picture house, theater, billiard or pool hall, skating rink, swimming pool, concert hall, sports arena, stadium, amusement and recreation park, fair, or other place of exhibition or entertainment;
  5. An auditorium, convention center, lecture hall, or other place of public gathering;
  6. A bakery, grocery store, clothing store, hardware store, shopping center, or other sales or rental establishment;
  7. A Laundromat, dry cleaner, bank, barber shop, beauty shop, travel service, shoe repair service, funeral parlor, office of an accountant or lawyer, pharmacy, insurance office, professional office of a health care provider, clinic, dispensary, hospital, or other service establishment;
  8. A terminal, depot, or other station used for specified public transportation,
  9. A museum, library, gallery, or other place of public display or collection;
  10. A park, zoo, amusement park, or other place of recreation;
  11. A nursery school or elementary, secondary, undergraduate, or postgraduate private school or other place of education;
  12. A day care center, senior citizen center, homeless shelter, food bank, adoption agency, or other social service center establishment;
  13. A gymnasium, health spa, bowling alley, golf course, or other place of exercise or recreation;
  14. Any other establishment or place to which the public is invited.
  15. Any establishment physically containing or contained within any of the establishments described above, which holds itself out as serving patrons of the described establishment.

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