Today the Twenty-second of the month is the day to “Remember Your Battle Buddy” and to reach out and “Call & Check on your Buddy” !!! Although it should be remembered everyday of every month, this date is especially important since it is the constant reminder of the TWENTY-TWO Veteran suicides daily. WE all need […]

Now available are the TADSAW Bracelets……  your choice of 3 designs – mix or match and shipping is included with your most kind and generous donation Collect and wear them or give them as gifts to friends and relatives!!! For a Donation of:                         […]

Look at the ‘huge’ difference TADSAW has made with Your kind donations: Since July 2010, TADSAW has accredited 727 Service Dog Teams, including 87 Vietnam Veterans and ONE Korean War Veteran and 31 TADSAF (“Train a Dog – Save a Family” member program) Service Dog Teams. So far in 2017, TADSAW has accredited 94 Service Dog Teams, including […]

  Pictured with Neal & DIETER TADSAW Service Dog Team TSD0434 and Vietnam Veteran Service Dog Team VV0058 – accredited  09/15/2015 is TAMMY DUCKWORTH, U.S. Senator from Illinois and Iraqi War Veteran. Notice the TADSAW Service Dog patch??? “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of […]

Don’t Choke Me! 4 Myths About the Prong Collar, Read Here. Cheack out the full story on Modern Dog Magazine , Printed with editor’s permission – copyright Moderndog Magazine Summer 2017.

TADSAW MILESTONE achieved !!!!!! Team Seven Hundred!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to the newest addition to the TADSAW Service Dog Team Family!!! TADSAW SERVICE DOG TEAM TSD0700 !!!!! Courtney & AXEL – successfully completing   the TADSAW program on June 1st 2017- what a way to start the month!!!!  Trainer Sandra of North Carolina mentored the Team and successfully […]

Inpatient psychiatric hospitalizations can be frightening and stressful. For Service Dog teams, they can be even more trying due to the complications of having a dog on a locked unit geared totally towards safety. However, with consideration and forethought, things are easily made less difficult. This post is a comprehensive guide to some of the considerations […]

You, as trainers, obviously see the way our rescue dogs change, and in many cases, save lives.  As Program Director and Founder of TADSAW I am asking you to become further involved by supporting TADSAW, as the need for funding is greater now than ever before. I invite you to please immediately post the following […]

With all the articles about “FAKE” Service Dogs being put out there, it seems that finally somebody got it RIGHT!!! Thank You Winfield College for recognizing Disabled persons have a true need for a Service Dog. That is what the wording in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 2010 states, in big bold black […]

Eye Exams for Service Dogs, Click Here.

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