TADSAW T-Shirts – $25 – $30

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TADSAW Wristbands – $5 – $25

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TADSAW 4″x7″ Car Magnet – $10

(Donate $10.00 to Receive the TADSAW Car Magnet)

TADSAW Window Decal – $10

(Donate $10.00 to Receive the TADSAW Window Decal)

Penny’s From Heaven – $25

TADSAW will send you an autographed copy of Patsy Swendson’s book Penny’s From Heaven. Written by the ‘Train a Dog – Save a Warrior’ program Co-founder Patsy, it is about her Therapy Dog, Penny, and the people and lives she touched over the years.

(Donate $25 to Receive Patsy’s Book – Penny’s From Heaven)

Pockets of Peace – $22

A Donation of $22.00** will have a choice of one of the Pockets of Peace editions available:

1. K9’s – A Therapy for PTSD, MST & TBI
2. For Fears, for Tears, for Laughter, Love and Life
3. Words of Encouragement in challenging times for our Servicemen and Women

(Donate $22 to Receive One of the Pockets of Peace Books or $50 to Receive all Three Editions)

$22 Donation

$50 Donation