Greetings to the TADSAW Donors and Friends!!!!

Thank You for your financial assistance and commitment to TADSAW in the past and present; HOWEVER….

Our Friends, Neighbors, Relatives and Country have been devastated over the last 3 weeks -from the Coastal Plains of South Texas all the way up the coastal waters past Galveston, Houston and Beaumont and into Western Louisiana AND the entire State of Florida by hurricane winds and torrential rains and subsequent flooding

TADSAW realizes that all of the donors are being stretched to the limit with disaster after disaster relief and the request for funds.

In this respect, TADSAW will continue to assist the Veterans and their canine Battle Buddies, and at this time hope that our donors will assist Our Fellow Americans needing assistance, rather than the TADSAW program.

It is not a feeling of desertion that will occur, but rather ‘share the warmth and love’ at this time. The survivor of Harvey and Irma have nothing, at least Our Veteran has their Battle Buddy to help make it thru the hard times.

If we cannot help our fellow men and women, then what can we expect of ourselves.

So skip us this next cycle and catch up on the rebound!!!

Thank You for your continued generosity, assistance and support of the Veterans, their Battle Buddies and TADSAW.

We shall rise from the ashes just like the Phoenix!!!! And PREVAIL!!!

Since July 2010, TADSAW has accredited 759 Service Dog Teams, including 92 Vietnam Veteran and ONE Korean War Veteran and 37 TADSAF (“Train a Dog – Save a Family” member program) Service Dog Teams. So far in 2017, TADSAW has accredited 126 Service Dog Teams, including 13 Vietnam Veteran and 9 TADSAF Service Dog Teams.