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An Air Force wounded warrior has a new buddy that is helping him cope with his physical and mental pain, thanks to the Train A Dog – Save A Warrior program. Staff Sgt. Andrew Goligowski struggles with post-traumatic stress and the pain caused by sarcoidosis, a disease with no cure that causes inflammation in the […]

By Carol Spicer The Clifton Record Lisa Williams, a dog trainer for the Train a Dog, Save a Warrior program has visited with David Sager at the local Bosque Animal Rescue Kennels prior to her visit on Tuesday, when she came to pick up the two dogs going into the program. Williams had picked out […]

By Courtenay Verret Amid the backdrop of taxidermied wildlife, camouflage sportswear, and camping gear, a group of war veterans—young and old—circulates around the main floor of Cabela’s sporting goods store with a look of concentration in their eyes. Each vet focuses on his or her partner and, together, they practice the skills they have learned […]

To look at Mya P.*, you’d never know she was a U.S. Army veteran, let alone a combat medic who once spent her days tending to Iraqi detainees while under the threat of attack. The soft-spoken 29 year old barely clears five feet in height and exudes a quiet, gentle demeanor as she interacts with […]

This link is from a television news station in Massachusetts. It is the first segment on the program. Sherri King is our TADSAW TRAINER in Springfield, Massachusetts.

If you’re looking for a community populated 100 percent by people committed to the love of animals, rodeo tops the list. If you’re searching for a community that truly loves all people unconditionally, that would be dogs, and Sunny is their queen. Her official service dog vest says “Please Don’t Pet Me.” Fat chance among […]

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