By Courtenay Verret Amid the backdrop of taxidermied wildlife, camouflage sportswear, and camping gear, a group of war veterans—young and old—circulates around the main floor of Cabela’s sporting goods store with a look of concentration in their eyes. Each vet focuses on his or her partner and, together, they practice the skills they have learned […]

To look at Mya P.*, you’d never know she was a U.S. Army veteran, let alone a combat medic who once spent her days tending to Iraqi detainees while under the threat of attack. The soft-spoken 29 year old barely clears five feet in height and exudes a quiet, gentle demeanor as she interacts with […]

This link is from a television news station in Massachusetts. It is the first segment on the program. Sherri King is our TADSAW TRAINER in Springfield, Massachusetts.

If you’re looking for a community populated 100 percent by people committed to the love of animals, rodeo tops the list. If you’re searching for a community that truly loves all people unconditionally, that would be dogs, and Sunny is their queen. Her official service dog vest says “Please Don’t Pet Me.” Fat chance among […]

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